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Large Item Pick Up
May 03, 2016

The Village will have large item removal on May 3rd and October 18, 2016. This is a convenience for Village residents only.  Any resident found to have gotten items from outside the village will be fined.

All items for large item pickup must be put by the curb in an orderly manner and if necessary contained in a container. Items will not be picked up if they are dumped by or in the street.

The following items will be picked up on large items pickup day.  Please place by curbside by 6:00 AM. Please separate your garbage items from the junk and metal items or they could be taken as garbage.

Junk items are: furniture, mattresses, box springs, carpet (4' or less pieces), sofas, chairs, beds, grills, dressers, lamps, porcelain toilets/sinks, small lawn mowers and snow blowers, etc.  If there is an excess amount of junk you could be charged a fee. If you have an excess amount of junk please contact Columbia County at (608) 742-6651  prior to the date of pickup.

Metal items are swing sets, bikes, small metal sheds with all shingles or wood removed.

Prohibited items: 55 gallon barrels, fuel tanks, ballasts, wire, roofing, and demolition material, lumber, fencing, trees, brush, tires, waste oil, leaves and lawn clippings, electronics like computers, monitors etc.  Any appliances with coolant or Freon, such as air conditioners, refridgerator, freezer, and dehumidifier, will be removed as long as a fee of $18 has been paid to Columbia County Solid Waste (CCSW) and a sticker has been obtained from CCSW prior to the scheduled pick-up. CCSW will pick-up other appliances, such as an oven, washer, or dryer, that have obtained a sticker from them for a $5 fee. 

You may contact CCSW at (608)-742-6651 with any questions regarding their fees.

Questions: Call either the Village office at (608)-429-2349 or  Columbia County Solid Waste (CCSW) at (608) 742-6651 


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